Mining Sandbox “Core Keeper” Update Delivery Changed Significant Cost of Repair System

FIRESHINE GAMES has delivered the latest updates 0.3.4 and 0.3.5 of PugStorM Development Mining Sandbox Core Keeper “.

This update is mainly directed to a defect correction and balance adjustment of update 0.3.3 delivered on March 30. In 0.3.3, we have changed the format that all equipment has been repaired in common items to a system that uses craft materials needed for each equipment.

The delivered update reduces the material needed for repair. There are a few types of equipment repairs and have two types of materials. In addition to changing the required repair material for a particular installation, the disassembly of the accessory “Mold Ring” is corrected.

Besides that, 0.3.3 A defect that some items appeared after updating, and the disabled that the save file is replicated is fixed. For details, refer to the update patch (0.3.4 / 0.3.5).

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“Core Keeper” is being delivered early access to PC (STeam).