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Firesprite of PlayStation Studios recruits for an AAA horror game

Although it was only acquired by Sony, the Fireprite Games developer, based in Liverpool, already has a lot to do. It’s helping with PSVR2 Title Horizon Call of the Mountain, leading the development of a game game, and work behind the scenes on some other projects. And according to a new job offer for a narrative director, one of them is a “horror adventure game based on AAA narration” built in Unreal Engine 5.

The list on the official website of the team explains how the good candidate “will establish and consider the world and the tradition of the game, with the responsibility for the implementation of the quality of the narrative content for the stages of the project and finally the exit Game “. Another responsibility is to work with “multimedia partners and consider continuing / future content opportunities.”

Before buying Sony, the most remarkable game of Fireprite Games was PSVR The persistence, a rogue-like experience centered on the horror. It was then adapted to be read on normal television screens, followed by a native PS5 version. Since the developer already has experience in the genre, it may not be surprising that he wants to evolve and offer even better experience under the Sony wing. At the time of redemption, the PlayStation Studios boss, Hermen Hulst, explained how Fireprite Games would develop “quite different teams of the teams you know at PlayStation Studios”. A horror game certainly corresponds to this bill.

Interestingly, in September of last year, Fireprite Games was spotted in the process of hiring for a title “Dark Narrative Adventure”. These two projects may be one and the same, just slightly different.