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Fortnite leak reveals the weapon with more power so far

A new fortnite The flight has revealed that a new weapon could reach the free Battle Royale game, and it seems that it could be one of the most op and inductors of anger so far. Epic Games constantly adds new weapons and elements to the game, partly because it constantly eliminates weapons and elements of the game. Sometimes, these weapons and elements are eliminated and added again later, often with changes, but sometimes not. However, this process requires a constant flow of new weapons, which in turn requires new constant ideas by Epic Games, which brings us to this new filtration.

The filtration comes from the road from the outstanding Fortnite filter, Shiina, who transmitted the news that he heard about a shotgun in process that can eliminate players with a single shot. That said, they found this information a while ago, so it is possible that it is outdated. Meanwhile, there is no reference to this weapon or anything currently similar in the archives, so if this weapon is still in process, it remains in the early stages of development.

“I’m not sure if this is still exact, but I’ve heard that there will be a shotgun this season that can eliminate players with a single shot.” Said Shiina. “As I said, the information could be outnotted now, so do not take it as a confirmation.”

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As expected, this filtration has not had the most positive reception, since many players think this sounds too powerful. And to be fair, he does, what may explain why there are still no signs of it.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. While the source in question has proven to be reliable in the past, this remains a leak, and even the source itself is not sure if this information is outdated.

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