Vettel goes to Corona

VETTEL FORA da F1? Ex-chefe de equipe DETONA Aston e Lawrence Stroll: PÕE LANCE NO CENTRO DO NEGÓCIO
As Vettel’s Rennstall Aston Martin announced on Thursday, the 34-year-old Hesse is fit again to race.
He will compete with the Canadian Lance Stroll for the English plant team at the Grand Prix in Melbourne on April 10 (7 am / Mesz, Live! At Canadian Lance), it was said.

Vettel had missed the first two Grand Prix of the Year in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia because of a Covid infection.
Landsmann Nico Hülkenberg represented the Heppenheimer, who stayed in his Swiss adopted home, two times and must now reorganize the cockpit again.

Disappointing season start for Aston Martin

Vettel had to observe idle from his quarantine, as Chanceless Aston Martin was prefixed.
Stroll and Hülkenberg could not retract a World Cup point, two twelfth places were the best results of a disappointing start of the season.
Only the hinterbreaks of Williams are currently slightly weak.