Phantom Breaker: Omnia receives this summer free update Edition Spicy

Phantom Breaker: Omnia , Mages Anime Fighting 2D Video Game and Rocket Panda Games that arrived at stores and recently digital platforms for PC and consoles, you will receive this same summer a summer New free update with the call SPICY EDITION **, a package of new comments that will be available for all platforms through two new levels: Spicy and Extra SPICY.

Phantom Breaker: Omnia - All Characters Ultimate Attacks (Quick, Hard, & Omnia)

New update for Phantom Breaker Omnia

“You said you wanted more, and we’ve heard,” says Gail Salamanca , co-founder of Rocket Panda Games. “It’s been 109 days since the launch trailer, we’re so happy that the Fans of Phantom Breaker: Omnia can still experience it even more ‘Yah! Yah! Yah! Boom Bah Yah! ‘”They comment from the Editor of the title.

Among the novelties we find the return of The announcer with a deeper voice still “, two new levels, spicy and extra spicy , with two new special comments blocks available, original comments for The announcer, and a fiercely hot variant, also by The Announcer, all completely free .

“In the game, a mysterious man known Video Game ‘Phantom’ appears in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and manipulates vulnerable adolescents to fight among them using mystical weapons that give them extruded strength called ‘Found-Mension Artifacts’. In return, he promises to grant his most precious desire if they manage to survive. Without knowing what wVideo Game going to happen, the fierce clVideo Gamehes between the FUN-MESSION Artifacts of the Fighters caused distortions in space-time, which endangered the limits between parallel universes. The collapse of these parallel universes is finally seeking to break the seal, unleVideo Gamehing the destructive powers of Phantom, “we can read in the synopsis by Phantom Breaker: Omnia.

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