Epic Games announces 3D scanning app “RealityScan”. Convert 3D data to 3D data shooting with smartphone camera

Epic Games announced the 3D scanning application “RealityScan” on April 5, and started recruitment of beta test participants. The same applies jointly developed by Capturing Reality and Quixel under the Epic Games.

“RealityScan” is an application that allows you to enable the smartphone that can be done with a simple and early feature that is characteristic of the photogrammed Reality, which is provided by Capturing Reality.

When you shoot an object in the real world with a smartphone camera, “RealityScan” creates 3D data of that object. In the published trailer, it is found that shooting the leather sofa from every direction and placing the generated 3D asset in the map. At the time of shooting, it is supposed to assist the user with AR guides and quality checks. In the trailer, the AR guide scrap screen can also be confirmed.

The 3D assets created can be uploaded seamlessly to SketchFab. SketchFab is a platform that can share and buy 3D / VR / AR content. In addition, Quixel, which jointly develop “RealityScan”, is a company that provides photogrametry asset library Megascans. Epic Games has recently been acquired by Epic Games, including Capturing Reality. “RealityScan” is one of the results that combines such family strengths.

“RealityScan” first launched beta tests for iOS with only 10,000 people. And this spring invites additional users as an early access at iOS. Also, early access for Android will also be implemented within the year.