Epic Games Store: Long demanded feature is finally here!

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The users of the Epic Games Store have long been demanding a very specific feature for a long time. The operators have taken this desire to heart and finally fulfilled. We introduce you to the function at this point something more accurate and also provide the most important information.

This feature is now available in the Epic Games Store

It is a function that helps you finally allow you to share and compare your achievements with your friends. The appropriate category “My achievements” has already existed since November of last year. But only with the most recent update, you can show you your unlocked achievements publicly and thus show all other users of the Epic Games Store.

To see the achievements, you only need to click on your user icon in the upper right corner of the store screen. There you will find the category “My Achievements” in which all previously enabled achievements as well as your current XP status can be seen. In the upper right area of the category it is also possible to change the data protection degree **. So you determine who has access to this overview. There are the settings “public”, “friends of friends”, “friends” and “only me”. If you prefer your achievements do not want to submit, you can set it accordingly using this option.

These features will soon come at the Epic Games Store

There is also a small view The next features for the Epic Games Store . Quickly, among others, surveys and reviews will appear after a completed game. Answers want to use Epic Games, among other things, to introduce new categories in the store. Furthermore, the team works on a kind Notification Center **, in which all major messages should converge in the future.

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