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Future Fooding ‘Metabus & Alternative Big (NFT) forums’ to promote metabus development, which are considered considerably as a core industry, are brought to. Metabus-based business models (BM) creation and technical enterprise fostering, professional fund composition and operation.

The Metabus & NFT Forum (MetaGate) had an erectile competition at the Seoul COEX Intercontinental Hotel on May 5. Kim Kyung-cheol Judin Net Korea, Kim Sang-cheol, Kim Sang-cheol, President Lotte Information and Communication Representative, Choi Jae-hyung, Sejong Advisor, Kim Sang Kyung, Professor, Professor, Kim, Sang – Kyung,

The forum recruits participating companies by industry and explodes BM excavation, and collaborative support. We will hold a global annual conference to take advantage of the domestic and overseas metabus industry trends, create a metabus private fund of 10 billion won, and produce industrial growth.

Membership company ▲ Galaxy Corporation ▲ Lotte Information Communication ▲ Saltlux ▲ Shinsegae Department Store ▲ Hansk Weed ▲ Hansk Frontis ▲ CJ OliveWorks, etc. 25 and ▲ Child Net Net Korea ▲ Economy ▲ MBC ▲ Daily Economy ▲ MBC ▲ Arirang International Broadcasting, etc. In the local government, in Busan, academia, Kyunghee University, Sejong University, and Hanyang University are respectively.

Full launch is June. The Ministry of Creative Creative Science (Ministry of Information and Communication of the Employment of the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Ministry of Information and Technology), Choi said, “The metaverse is a mandarin,” he said.

메타버스 속 NFT 탐방기!!!

Professor Kim, Sang-gyun said, “In 2030, the metaverse market is expected to reach the 6thmen,” he said. ” Kim Sang-chul, said, “The virtual asset will come soon,” he said, “The Leading Metabus Company will be born in the forum.”