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What makes FirePower mod in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a deep and complex game in which many different things contributing to this complexity. One of the most confusing aspects of Destiny 2 are fashion. Unique modes set, and they can be used both to weapons and to armor. However, viewing individual mods actually facilitates their understanding. In this short guide, we will look at FirePower mod and look at what he does.

Explanation Fashion Destiny 2 Firepower

Season of The Dawn Mod Spotlight: Firepower
Fire power modes in Destiny 2 Sunflow modes , which means that it can be used in any element of solar type armor. For its equipment, four energies are required, and it can be used simultaneously on several parts of the armor. The effect of this fashion makes you, while you are charged with light, restore part of the grenade energy when using grenades absorbing one charge charge.

Each element of armor, which you have with this mod, will give you 15 percent of the grenade energy returns . Since it can be folded, it means that the maximum amount of the grenade energy that you can return will be 60 percent. In fact, this mod exists in order for you as often as possible granate.

However, we believe that the benefits of this fashion do not necessarily outweigh the shortcomings. To get the maximum return from the FIREPOWER fashion, you need to constantly collect the spheres of light. This means that you often struggle to collect these areas of light just to recharge a grenade. Although in the assembly, where the grenades are key, this mod will be necessary to control the recovery time and throwing a grenade as often as possible.

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