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Is Escape from Tarkov for Xbox Series X

Does Escape from Tarkov come for Xbox Series X and PS5? This question may be busy and for good reason: The hardcore looter shooter of Battlestate Games takes up online ride and inspires developers around the world to develop similarly inspired games.

While Battlestate Games has worked hard in recent years to add new content to the game, it is worth noting that Escape from Tarkov is still in the beta phase – a state in which it has been since 2017. While the game has certainly increased in size and popularity since then we are still a good deal from the console at the moment.

Apart from that, an Escape from Tarkov console port is not off the table. Battlestate has confirmed that it is interested in bringing this hardcore looter shooter to Xbox and PlayStation consoles in the future, but when that is actually happening remains to be seen. Here’s all we know about the Xbox and PS5 versions of Escape from Tarkov.

Does Escape from Tarkov come for the console?

Battlestate Games has confirmed that an Escape from Tarkov console port is planned. The senior developer Nikita Bunyanov said Battlestate Games is it talked to publishers about ports in June 2020 and in December 2021 he reaffirmed his team’s intention to bring Tarkov in the BSG podcast at the end of the year 2021 on Twitch on the console.

However, details about the console beyond these two instances are low. Whether the game is still for the console remains to be seen.

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Escape from Tarkov Release date for Xbox Series X | S and PS5

Is there a publication date of Escape from Tarkov for Xbox Series X | S and PS5? Not yet.

As mentioned above, it is not clear whether Battlestate Games is currently working on porting, even if this is planned. Consider considering this and the fact that the PC version of the game is still far from the completion, in the foreseeable future no console porting of Escape from Tarkov.

So you have everything you need to know about escape from Tarkov on XBox and PlayStation systems. If you absolutely want to play it in the meantime and have access to a PC, please read our escape from Tarkov beginner guide and our guide to the Escape from Tarkov cards.