A little naughty arcade camp game “Moboko X” PC / switch Released -STeam version is free adult patch

Developer NAISU has started delivery arcade games “ Mokoko X ” for PC (STeam) / Nintendose switch.

This work has been inspired by “ Gals Panic ” and “ QIX ” released from Kaneko and Taito in the 80th to 90’s. Visuals and animations are remastered and modern times in the game system. As the “Gals Panic” was so, there is a slight sexy element for work, and the adult patch can be downloaded for free in the STEAM version.

The player basically moves itself and acquires the area surrounding the line. If there is a shield on the line of the area, you can avoid contact and attack of the enemy. If you make it with your own machine, your life will be zero and will be redoed from the initial position. Destroy the boss of the stage where the level is up to 32 and save the eight unlucky heroines that need help. In addition, each character contains Japanese voices.

Nostalgic Mufffu Arcade Culture Revealed “Mococo X” is a PC (STEAM) version, 909 yen for Normal Edition until April 14, “Mokoko X Soundtrack” and 50 pages with 27 Soundtracks “Mococo X Deluxe” bundled with Mococo X Art Work ” ‘¥ 1,238, and “Mococo X Adult Patch” that can take off the girl is delivering free of charge. Nintendose switches are being delivered to 1,099 yen until April 20th.