The best Sonic the Hedgehog games to play after seeing Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic The hedgehog 2 is already in theaters, and the new ones in the series could wonder what Sonic games are easily accessible on modern platforms and which of these games are worth playing. The first _sonic the hedgeon launched in Sega Genesis more than 30 years ago, and Blue Blur has starred in countless games since then. Some of those games are pretty good, while others is better to leave them in oblivion. We have compiled a list of the best games to present Sonic, at the same time as we indicate the platforms in which he can find each game.

Some of the games on this list are older, while others are much more recent, but the most important part is that all of them are available on modern platforms in some way. Whether you have a Nintendo Switch, a PlayStation, an Xbox or a PC, you will notice that at least some of these games are easily available to find, buy and play. What is even better is that there is also a great variety, according to the kind of Sonic game you are looking for.

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Sonic mania

It is rare to find a Sonic game with which most fanatics agree, but “Sonica_ is one of the most universally loved games that has ever presented to the character. Launched in 2016, “Sonica_” takes 2D gameplay that popularized the original Games of Sega Genesis, while adding a series of modern touches. These include the ability to save, multiple playable characters and a truly clear presentation. The fans will have to discuss by themselves if “Sonica_ is really the best Sonic game in general, but there is no doubt that it is located among the first.

Available in: Game Station, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Steam

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The BEST and WORST Sonic the Hedgehog Games!

Sonic the hedgehog 2

The second year departure from Sonic The Hedgehog appeared for the first time in Sega Genesis in 1992, but 30 years later, still remains one of the best game of the character. Sonic the hedgehog 2 begins in a similar way to the original game, but presents a series of improvements. The most remarkable of these, and the one that puts it on this list on the original _sonic the hedgene, is the revolving stroke movement. Since 1992, the rotary board has become a staple element of all Sonic 2D games, and it is difficult to return to the original once you have played subsequent Sonic games.

Beyond that, Sonico 2 also presented the players to thousands “Tails” Prower, the brave Sonic companion. With a solid design of levels, magnificent visual effects and an excellent soundtrack, sonic 2 is an essential game. It is also one of the easiest Sonic games to find digitally. In fact, there are nothing less than three ways to play it in Nintendo Switch. The best of these is Dega: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 that includes Knuckles as a playable character.

Available in: Game Station (through EGA Genesis Classics), Xbox, Steam, Nintendo Switch

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Definitive sonic colors

Originally launched for Nintendo Wii in 2010, _ discolores sonic_ was quickly accepted as one of the best 3D Sonic games of all time. Last year a remastered version was launched for modern platforms, which added a series of new features, including some winks to the first. Sonic the Erizo Movie. It is worth noting that the game apparently suffered some problems in the launch in Nintendo Switch, but it seems that they were solved by patches. You can check our review of the PlayStation 4 version here.

Available in: Game Station, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate

When Sonic debuted for the first time, Sega positioned the mascot of him as Mario’s maximum rival. These days, Nintendo and Sega have buried the ax, and Sonic has been a basic element of Smash Bros. Since 2008. Super Smash Bros Ultimate continues that proud tradition, and the game presents a large amount of Sonic-centered content. There are multiple stages inspired by Sonic, several music tracks and charters such as Tails and Knuckles. It may technically not be a Sonic game, but the director Masahiro Sakurai and the game development team have full of things for Hedgehog’s fans to worship.

Available in: Nintendo Switch

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Sonic CD.

Lanzado por primera vez para Sega CD en 1993, CD sónico usó el hardware mejorado de varias formas interesantes. El juego presenta una banda sonora impresionante, bellas imágenes en 2D y una mecánica de viaje en el tiempo que le da un gancho distintivo. El juego también es responsable de presentar dos personajes principales de Sonic: Amy Rose y Metal Sonic. El juego fue portado a Xbox 360 y PS3 en 2011 por Christian Whitehead, quien luego desarrollaría Manía sónica. Esta versión incluye una serie de extras que incluyen a Tails como personaje jugable. La versión de Xbox 360 está disponible para descargar en todas las plataformas Xbox actuales, pero los fanáticos de PlayStation y Nintendo tendrán que esperar hasta finales de este año, cuando CD sónico se incluye como parte de Colección Sonic Origins.

Disponible en: xbox, Vapor

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Generaciones sónicas

Algunos fans de Sonic prefieren los juegos en 2D. Otros prefieren 3D. Generaciones sónicas tuvo la audacia de preguntar «¿por qué no ambos?» Me gusta CD sónico la historia en Generaciones sónicas se centra en el viaje en el tiempo, ¡solo que esta vez resulta en dos versiones distintas del erizo de Sega! Los escenarios de Sonic «Classic» cuentan con jugabilidad en 2D con impresionantes imágenes modernas, mientras que los escenarios de Sonic «Modern» ofrecen algunos de los mejores escenarios en 3D que la serie haya visto jamás. El juego salió en 2011, pero recibió una actualización importante en Xbox Series X el año pasado, mejorando las imágenes y aumentando su rendimiento a 60 fps. Los fanáticos pueden descargarlo de Microsoft Store o reproducir una copia de Xbox 360 a través de la compatibilidad con versiones anteriores.

Disponible en: xbox, Vapor

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Carreras de Sonic y All-Stars transformadas

Muy pocos juegos de carreras de karts pueden competir con Mario Kart, pero Carreras de Sonic y All-Stars transformadas se acerca bastante. El juego también presenta una serie de personajes icónicos de Sega de títulos como Cielos de Arcadia, Súper bola de mono y Taxi Loco. Me gusta Generaciones sónicas este también obtuvo una mejora en Xbox Series X el año pasado, para deleite de los fanáticos de Sonic.

Disponible en: xbox, Vapor