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Amiga The A500 Mini: The old girlfriend returns reduced back

Already for a long time it was clear that there will be a remake of the Amiga 500, or should you better say “the” Amiga 500? Because Amiga means “Girlfriend” or “Comrade” in Spanish, and for many a computer fan of the first generation was the cult home computer published at the end of the 80s by Commodore maybe even almost like a girlfriend. Since the weekend has now been a licensed replica in the trade and costs, for example, at Amazon 129.99 euros, with the first almost 30 user opinions show a total positive image.

The remake of the Amiga 500 now available is called the A500 Mini, which already suggests that it is a reduced version of the home computer. The A500 Mini is still a USB controller and a mouse in typical oldschool design, the latter in turn has a normal size. In our news of 20 January was still talk of a release for March, whereby this was already a back-shifted appointment.

In addition to the A500 mini itself, the controller, the mouse, a USB cable (for the power supply – it is not a power supply) and an HDMI cable is probably most important: there are 25 classic Amiga games preinstalled. We have embedded a selection of these games as a gallery to go through here.

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THE A500 Mini REVIEW & How To! Is the NEW AMIGA amazing?

Alien Breed: Special Edition ’92 [Source: Retro Games Ltd.]

The manufacturer of the A500 Mini is the company Retro Games, which, among other things, had already launched a remake of the Commodere C64. A good impression of the detection also provides the review of our colleagues of PC Games Hardware.

What about with you? Do you interest in the small retro device, and if so, because of your own memories of the golden era of home computer, or just to learn about the first time, how it felt gaming towards the end of the 80s? Let us like a comment under the article.

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