Make up a lifeline, overseas directing portal site

The Presidential Science Committee has been in a review of portal site operating rooms for overseas jobs.

It is to discuss the construction of the Customs Service and the E-Commerce Digital Infrastructure to support the company’s exports and to help overseas direct consumers.

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According to the 20th and the Customs Service, the Korea Overseas Director, the domestic overseas partner, has exceeded 20 million, and the e-commerce exports increased by more than 3 times the corona period, with more than 3 times longer.

As a result, consumers and exporters are able to conveniently handle import and export tasks ▲ Export room exporter reorganization ▲ Digital e-commerce infrastructure, such as building a direct customs clearance system.

First of all, it will provide a process of simply proving to be exported to the export without submission of the trade without submission of the trade finance for the export of e-commerce.

In the meantime, in the meantime, in the case of a large amount of export, the exported trade finance, when applying for export-related trade financing, it was a case of delivering a document by submitting documents by export customs clearance, and daily daily to match the application for foreign currency payments.

The Customs Agency is an explanation that we will improve the export (shipment) and exporting the e-commerce (shipment) to the Bank of Trade Financial Applications (shipment) to the Bank of Trade Financial Applications.

In addition, we will not easily know their customs clearance after the order of overseas directing consumers.

This will ensure that consumers can easily identify the customs clearance of the goods they ordered and tax facilities, etc., and to receive notifications in real time.

In addition, we will build a ‘digital clearance system’ and will make it more convenient to use overseas jobs. In the case of a small item that has been provided in advance in advance of order information from the platform, the customs office is a small product that has been provided in advance, it is easily imported and quickly clearing the import.