Retailer, Bijangja Maker Gain Get Graphics Card Price

Johnpaldi Research, a PC Graphics Card Solution Related Market Research Company, said, “The prices of graphics cards will eventually fall into the outside of the consumers.” Starting with the United States and Europe, the graphics card prices fall out of the market in the domestic market.

How To Get A Graphics Card for Retail Price (2022)
The representative of John Festival recently has recently launched the graphics expert medium ‘Graphics’, “Corona 19 trend (pandemic), and after the 19-year-old (pandemic), Causes that caused a problem “.

■ “Graphics card average unit price, 2 years rising to $ 300”

John Pedi Revision is a graphical technology related market research company established in 2001. It is widely known as the manufacturer’s market share for external graphics cards that are released every quarter.

According to John Pedi Research, the average price of the desktop PC for the desktop PC is $ 400 (about 480,000 won) in the mid-$ 600 (about 720,000 won) in the mid-$ 700 (about 720,000 won), The rising vertically rising a year.

John Pedi said, “After the graphics card, in 2017, in 2020 and 2021, the cryptographic” is used for the “encryption”, and the price rise and the price rise, I explained that the ship, or he was selling on three times. “

■ “Retailer and exhibition person more than manufacturer”

John Pedi said, “Even if you launch a new game with the latest features, the situation in the spherical graphics card is also angry on the game developer.”

General consumers suspect that in this situation, the Graphics Chipset Manufacturer and Major Graphics Manufacturers of NVIDIAA AMD, and major graphics card manufacturers would have gained many benefits.

However, John Pedi said, “I have given the biggest benefit of the graphics card,” I have given a bigger benefit of the graphics card, such as Amazon, New Egg, Best Bai, such as the Graphic Chipset Manager,

In fact, the Best Vaiza was able to sell the GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics card to those who have entered $ 290,000 (about 240,000 won) and joined the separate membership program ‘Total Tech’.

■ “Consumers do not buy inventory, accumulate and lower the price”

John Pedi explained “I will not have to get up if a consumer is not built, and some of them will find some stocks that have not been sold.”

He also predicted that he said, “This price decline does not happen as fast as consumers, but if it happens, it would be enough to see that exacts of executives to defeat.”

In fact, in the United States, Europe and Australia, the main graphics card prices are still falling from January to January. In the domestic market, the decline in graphics card prices are prominent from the end of March.

According to the 11th price comparison site Danawa, GeForce RTX 3080 TI (12 GB) was 1.5 million won, GeForce RTX 3080 (10GB), and 1.200,000 won, GeForce RTX 3060 (12GB) came down to 600,000 won. It was 10,000 won in 20 days of late March last year.

“The domestic assembly PC market has entered a low season since this month, and now there is no reason to raise graphics card prices,” said the graphics card price is unlikely, “he said.