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Surge strange countdown of Stranger Things

It’s been almost three years since the third season of _ Stranger Things _ came to Netflix. Since then, fans have long waited for any kind of information related to the return of Mike, Eleven and company. This is something that the Streaming company knows perfectly, for what they have decided to create a regressive account for a special event in a couple of hours.

Surprisingly, the official account of STRANGER THINGS on YouTube started a 24-hour countdown, which will come to an end tomorrow, April 12, at 8:00 AM (Mexico City Time ). What will happen once we get to the marked time? Nobody knows.

89 days till Stranger Things s04 comes out!! ( First countdown)

In the three hours carried out by the countdown, various classic watches have been appreciated, which have been placed in shopping centers and in the streets of several cities. Next to this, Scientists have approached to analyze these objects . Although at the moment there are no details about what will happen at the end of this wait, it is very likely that a new trailer is available at that time.

The first episodes of the fourth season of STRANGER THINGS will arrive next May 27 to Netflix , while the rest will be available until July 1. On related topics, here are the new images of the series. Similarly, here you can check the most recent posters of the season.

Editor’s note:

Netflix has always treated stranger things, and it seems that with the fourth season things will not change. While the pandemic surely changed some of the plans and advertising events, the emotion for this series has never stopped.