Outer Wilds leads the playlist of April playstation now

Outer Wilds OST - Travelers (All Instruments Join)
Sony You have announced the titles that will join the subscription PLAYSTATION NOW (as of June, PlayStation Plus Extra ) during this April. The games, which will be incorporated at the service today April 5, are outer wilds , WRC 10 , Journey to the Savage Planet and Werewolf the Apocalypse – EarthBlood .

Outer Wilds , the title that highlights the PlayStation itself, is this open world title in a solar system launched in 2019 where we will be trapped in an infinite loop. It is a very good opportunity to play this jewel that rises as an ode to exploration and discovery, although so much so that it is nourished to know as little as possible about it before playing it. In one of the texts published at the end of last year where we were going to rescue some of the games that had been in the inkwell, we talked about Echoes of the Eye, the expansion of Outer Wilds that brings together the best of the original game with nuances of terror as added.

WRC 10 , on the other hand, is this ralis simulator published in August last year, which will give the possibility to play only with your career mode or compete against other online users. In Werewolf: The Apocalypse , a title within the universe of World of Darkness, we will get in the meats of a wolf man who can go mutating the shape of him to progress through the world of him and thus fight against the Endron Corporation.

The last one on the list, Journey To The Savage Planet , is this exploration and survival game of the old Typhoon Studios (now Raccoon Logic) where we will have to fix them to get ahead on an alien planet.

Remember also, as mentioned before, that the PlayStation NOW subscription will be absorbed by PlayStation Plus from the month of June after this rebranding that Sony announced last week. From then on, these titles will be available for users of PLUSSTATION PLUS EXTRA and PLAYSTATION PLUS PREMIUM, although they already warned that PS NOW subscribers will have a direct migration to the highest renovation at no additional cost.