Stranger Things season 4 will show a new trailer this week

On the morning of this Monday, April 11, Stranger Things launched a mysterious countdown that, at the time, nobody knew exactly why it was. Now that the message has been deciphered officially, it was confirmed that all this is due to a new trailer for its fourth season, which will be debuting tomorrow, April 12.

According to this countdown, the new trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things should be released at 9am Time from the center of Mexico from April 12. IGN was responsible for deciphering the mystery behind the clock that appeared in Santa Monica, United States, and yes, everything went for the trailer.

For its part, the fourth season of Stranger Things will reach Netflix May 27, 2022.

Stranger Things 4 | Welcome to California | Netflix
Editor’s note: Stranger Things Marketing Team has always had a fairly strange way to reveal information, so it was not surprising that the fourth season of the series would change this. Now it is only waiting to know what the future of the show has.