Place des Technologies Blockchains, Cryptomonnaires and NFT in Eve Online

If You Understand This Video About Blockchain You Are in The Top 0.0001% of People That Get it
If the subject of the moment had been a pretext for an April Fool, the question arises indeed on the side of CCP Games , as confirmed CCP Hellmar in a ticket published on the official website. Some see in Blockchain technologies, cryptomonnaie and other NFT a possible future for the playful video industry, even more and more towards the game of money. And if Dostoyevski has already seen so well, the player can unfortunately let go on the game.

The integration of these technologies, however, is not planned “in the immediate” in the case of Eve Online , even if the CCP Games Hilmar Veigar Peturshson CEO is interested. For a MMORPG going on its twentieth year of operation, it is necessary to explore the possibilities of evolution, without always taking the plunge. There is, however, no promise, many have not been held in the history of the game, the monetization of skill points to the sale of vessels in the shop.