Remake Version Search Girl Horror ADV “IB” PC-Update Delivery Launch-Text Display Failure Correction and Adjustment of Auto Save Function, etc.

PLAYIZM has started delivering the update Ver1.01 of remake version search type girl horror ADV “ ib ” for PC (Steam).

This work has announced creators Kouri as a free game in 2012 and was remake as a 10th anniversary project. A horror adventure set in a spiritual museum, has a high degree of universal and a stronger popularity. In the remake version delivered the other day, various changes such as graphics high image quality and addition of conversation mode were conducted. And, the update released this time is focusing on bug fixes, such as bug fixes in the display of text and adjustment of autosave location.

# # Update content

  • Correspondence of errors that occur when canceling a muff picture book

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  • Bug fix for text display

  • Adjustment of auto save location

  • Adjustment of part that becomes impossible to get out of part in some puzzles

  • Disable zoom function in true Gernena exhibition BGM audition

  • Correction of bug that graphic is displayed in the wall

The remake version “IB”, which has been delivered a number of defect corrections, is currently released for 1,300 yen for PC (STeam).