Epic Games: new free games to recover this week, including a must-see in turn

After a first quarter very charged in large outings, the fourth month of the year marks a break in this very supported pace. To keep the hand, Epic Games always offers free games to recover. This week, the publisher promises us to keep busy with XCOM 2, one of the references of the strategy game in turn.


A reference like: XCOM 2

UFO remake: Enemy Unknown whose original episode was published 1993, XCOM: Enemy Unknown came out in 2012 and won one of the tactical combat references in turn. Its suite, Xcom 2, extends the pleasure with a new scenario falling 20 years after the events of the first episode. In the program ? An alien dictatorship that a handful of humans wants to reverse. A second opus, here offered by Epic Games without its extension, whose difficulty is higher than its already well-bodied predecessor.

  • Free since yesterday until April 21st at 17:00 French hour.
  • Read the Xcom 2 – Tremble Aliens test, the XCOM is back in great shape.

Xcom 2 test in video

A Roguelike at the top: Insurmountable

Out of April 20, 2021, insurmountable is developed by Byterockers’ Games. It is a roguelike type adventure game in which each of your deaths is therefore permanent. The goal is to climb mountains in randomly generated environments. Everything is made more difficult thanks – or because – day-night systems and dynamic climate, vital needs to maintain and random events that may occur at any time in the game.

  • Free since yesterday until April 21st at 17:00 French hour.

Insurmountable trailer

Yesterday, it is also the next two free games that were revealed by Epic Games: it’s the excellent Amnesia: Rebirth and the Riverbound game. See you next week !


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1 hour ago

Insurmountable looks very nice…
I watched to see if you had already talked about it on the site and apart from a single video, I did not find anything.
You see JVC, it’s typically the kind of game I would like to see you do some items instead of good news and other news sponso…
But I imagine it pays less, even if it’s more in agreement with what is supposed to be your core business.
Because when we read the video game news on your site, we feel like the big productions, the video game does not exist (in any case, less than the
News Culture Sponso Disney + And the new tips sponso Amazon ).

Read more…

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