Kojima Productions bought by PlayStation? Hideo puts things clear

The rumor took over since yesterday, to the point of becoming the main topic of discussion for many: and if Kojima Productions was bought by Sony? Having himself with oil on fire this morning, Hideo Kojima came to stifle the fire on Twitter.


Redemption & Clank

We talked about it yesterday: Sony has updated the banner of its site PlayStation Studios to integrateEath Stranding. As a result, this good old Sam Porter Brigdes (embodied by the named norman reedus) was on the sides. of Alroy, Kratos, Ratchet, Deacon St John or Ellie: In short, only alongside icons designed by PlayStation Studios games… and therefore belonging to Sony.

Necessarily, there was something to be intrigued and much thought that the announcement of the acquisition of Kojima Productions was going to follow in the stride. This morning, Hideo Kojima himself had shared the famous banner on his Twitter account, coming Considerably fuel rumors… Except that it is nothing. ** The Japanese director spoke on this subject, always on the social network:

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but Kojima Productions was and will stay an independent studio.

The adventure goes on

We recall that corridor noises are going well about the next game of Kojima Productions, which we know in development: this one would obviously a game of horror and above all, it could be d1. Exclusively for Xbox, hand in hand with Microsoft. This is in any case what has been very seriously said for months now.

PlayStation Makes Sudden Change That Leads To Kojima Productions Acquisition Speculation
Difficult to see clearly in all that, especially when we know the excellent relations between the Nippon and Sony creator, allied for decades now. We imagine that we will have to take her evil in patience: Maybe we will have more information this summer, during events organized by Geoff Keighley?

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I want one thing to be clear it’s not for the Kojima games that I invested in a PS5

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