Focus on other business models: Amouranth stops at onlyfans

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, who should be known to most fans under the name Amouranth , has recently made an important decision for their future and they also proclaimed. It wants to set your activities on onlyfans shortly and focus on other projects .

Amouranth stops at onlyfans

The streamer has been worded via Twitter and betrayed that they will turn off the platform onlyfans . The end of their activities is currently planned for June 2022, before she wants it there again “neatly crash”. What exactly she means with it did not reveal her. Maybe it will give particularly spicy pictures from her to see for the paying fans.
Incidentally, this decision has a very specific reason: Amouranth wants to turn to another large project in which she has already invested large sums of money . It should be a secret content for the online platform Twitch . Another announcement is planned for the end of this week.

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_ “The end of an era. It’s time to stop to be an e-girl and stop at onlyfans in June. Until then I go to the full. I’ll end it with a grand finale. I have only before Briefly completed an investment for twitch content of $ 350,000 to $ 400,000. You are all invited, will announce it at the end of the week. “_

Amouranth as a businesswoman

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa Alias Amouranth has not only attention due to their sometimes controversial streams and their numerous banns. In recent months, it has also developed a reinforced business sense . Their activities include the purchase of Activision Blizzard action worth two million dollars, taking a company for pool toys and the investment in a gas station. In addition, it is now an official playboy model. She has set up a long-term financial plan to be independent in the foreseeable future.

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