Where to Farm Elementals Fury in Lost Ark?

Elemental rage is an object for crafting that can be used to create a set of armor in Lost Ark. They are relatively easy to farm, although it can be done only by passing ABYSSAL DUNGEONS exclusively in Ghost Palace Target area.

Because of this, the only dungeons in which it is possible to earn an elemental rage – this is the hall of the perverted commander and Palace of Hildebrandte .

ABYSSAL DUNGEONS can be found in most major hub cities, directly next to Guarage raids and depth raids and can be performed only once a week.

How to get an elemental rage in Lost Ark

Since the rage of the elemental is considered only one of the expected dungeons awards, it may not fall out at all. If this happens, you will need to try to try the dungeons again when they become available in the next Thursday at 5 am on the Eastern Baseline.

Before you get access to Phantom Palace, you will need to execute the quest Dreamer Elzin have a combat level 50 or higher and achieve an object level 460 or higher.

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