Apple: Renewal in map service should provide better orientation

To pass against the Google Navigator, Apple now introduces its improved map service in Germany.

Cupertino (DPA) – The improved Apple map service is announced almost a year. Now he should be implemented in Germany. Users can look forward to innovations that promise more details on the Navigator like individual trees and traffic lights. However, the function “Chat” will initially be available for the city of Munich, Apple announced at the start on Thursday (April 21). This will consist of a competition to Google Street View.

Apple: New card functions should be available in Germany soon

Digital cards have developed into the base for many applications, from a springboard for the search for shops and restaurants nearby to navigation in the car. Apple had made the strategic decision a lot of a decade ago to build its own map service instead of the Google cards used in the iPh1. After starting difficulties, the Group invests heavily in the service and sent, among other things, camera cars in German cities.

Apple: Renovations in map service should offer better orientation at navigation

These images are not only used for the “Umloven” function, but also for improving the cards to the display of speed limits and details such as zebra strips. Another innovation is more concrete navigation statements such as “right after the next traffic light” instead of “right after 50 meters”.

In shopping centers, the app should now not only lead to the parking garage, but then to the desired store. In several German cities, the card app can be accessed in the future on the iPhone camera in the future to show directional arrows into the street image on the display for better orientation (more to digital at improved Apple).

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Apple had presented the new version of the map service at the beginning of June last year at the developer conference WWDC. She had previously been available in eight countries, including the US, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Portugal.