St. Pauli loses top game against efficient Darmstadt 1: 2

St. Paulis coach Timo Schultz dropped two new from the beginning in Sandhausen from the beginning: Kyereh and Becker replaced Makienok (Bank) and Benatelli (not in the squad).

Lilies-Coach Torsten Lieberknecht, who was represented due to his yellow-barrier of assistant Ovid Hajou, had to renounce Manu (5th Yellow Card) and Sobeich (concussion) and Seydel (calf problems). In addition to Isherwood and Flour Stand Stamenkeeper shoes, who had missed 2: 5 against Schalke, again in the starting eleven. His representative Behrens took place on the bank.

The game on the well-filled millennor ran slowly, in the first few minutes only the mood was first divisional freif – and the efficiency of the guests: Pfeiffer marked the 1: 0 (9th) with the first Darmstadt Sore Shot. St. Pauli was already behind a residue, but found no so right answer. Only activities Kyereh missed scarce (14th), otherwise the households were difficult to conclude in the last third purposeful.

Jubilar Holland meets worth seeing

Nevertheless, the KiezOvid Hajou gained an optical overweight and amenyido in the course of the first half came to good chances, but failed at shoes (24th) and the strong bader of Bader (29th). The attacker was also loss (33.) and had to look at, like Holland in his 200th second division game from a pointed angle at 2: 0 for Darmstadt (35.). The home owner fell again no answer, until the break St. Pauli had over 60 percent of the possession of the ball, but could not see any further goals.

It ran better after the second change, when the hamburgers were more successful: after a warning shot of Kyereh (47th) Burgstaller shot from a pointed angle over (49.), subsequently awarded the substitute Dashner the best chance to the best chance (54. ). Meanwhile, Darmststadt was increasingly relating to defending and became more and more constricted on his own penalty area.

KietzOvid Hajou push – flour almost with 3: 0

St. Pauli fired now in the minute clock on the gate of the guests. Dashner (63.), Kyereh (64.) and Hartel (67th) gave good opportunities to the connection, marriage to the 3-0 for Darmstadt only just missed (69.). Bayman (78.) and Burgstaller (80th) were the next luckless in the conclusion, until Dashner the liberating connection goals for the Hamburg (80).

Now the almost 30,000 fans gave everything – and a game developed on a gate. Schultz fell offensive with Matanovic and Makienok, the Darmstadt brought fresh defenders with Karic and Riedel. There were Daschner (88.) and Kyereh (90. + 1) in the final minutes (90. + 1), which gave the Lucky Punch, married to shoes a last spacer shot and thus the victory of the lilies (90. + 4.).

Thus, Darmstadt passes past the KiezOvid Hajoun on the third place and brings himself to previously two top game defeats for the last games in a good starting position. The hamburgers remained the fourth game in a row without victory and now have to deliver against heavy opponents. The next matchday St. Pauli is again a serious task: The KiezOvid Hajou receives the 1st FC Nuremberg (18.30 clock) on Friday. One day later, Darmnstadt receives Erzgebirge Aue (20.30 clock).