Epic Games: Horror Kracher for a short time free

Epic also donates two free games for the PC this week. You can look forward to the intense horror shockman Amnesia Rebirth. As always, the games can only be free for a short time.

Horror Hit from now on free: Epic give away Amnesia Rebirth

Epic games does not always hit the black with its free games. But this week there is a true horror highlight in the online shop for PC players: Amnesia Rebirth .

Can You Withstand Amnesia: Rebirth? - Free Epic Games Launcher Review

The latest entry of the horror series puts you in the role of Tsi Trianon , which wakes up in the middle of Algeria’s desert, without being able to remember the past few days.

To find your friends, you have to explore several tombs and other scary places. Only in this way can you enlighten what has gained. But If you get your fear to your head , looking for supernatural creatures home that you are helplessly delivered. You can only hide or race before them.

Amnesia Rebirth in the Epic Games Store dust

_Ein first impression of the game you get, if you look at the trailer shipyard: _

In addition to the horror hit, you can also secure the colorful coop adventure Riverbond for free this week **. You can play the game in pixel optics alone or with up to four people in the couch coal.

Riverbond dust in Epic Games Store

These free games are available in the next week

From next Thursday, PC players can then look forward to two new free games: Just the Already and paradigm .

Just the Already is a crazy sandbox game from the studio, which has already proven its bizarre humor with Goat Simulator . In the new adventure, she slips into the role of a senior, which is thrown out from his retirement home and, as a result, all sorts of destruction in his city.

Just watch the Already in Epic Games Store

_ERTES GAMEplay is available in the trailer: _

In paradigm, however, you can experience an extremely surreal indie adventure. You play the mutant paradigm and accompanies him on his grotesque escape in front of a threatening corporation who wants him to the leather.

See paradigm in the Epic Games Store

_Show the trailer to paradigm: _

You can download these two new free games from April 28, 2022 . Thereafter, the offer changes in the Epic Games Store.