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In EVE Online a subscription will rise in price

CCP Games announced the decision to increase the cost of a subscription to its space sandbox EVE Online . The main reasons for this change are inflation and complex situation in the world, due to which the organization must spend more funds to support and develop its project.

The price for a subscription in EVE Online will change for the first time since 2004. Obtaining additional profits will allow developers to increase the number of investments in the game and cover the cost of paying staff.

So changes will be as follows:

  • From $ 15 to $ 20 will increase payment for each month of the game;
  • From $ 39 to $ 48 will join the price tag if you decide to pay for 3 months of access at once;

CCP Increases Price of EVE Online Subs & PLEX ?! - EVE Online
* If you decide to pay a subscription immediately for 6 months, you will have to pay $ 87 instead of $ 72, as before;
* Subscription for a whole year will cost $ 150 instead of $ 131.

New prices will take effect on May 17, 2022.