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Lol: a world champion immortalizes his cat in the game with a special appearance

It was necessary to wait for this weekend to see them formalized: the appearances of type ” world champion ” were made public by Riot Games. And one of it pays tribute to the player of a cat


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It is a tradition for Riot Game: every year, the developers of League of Legends decide to pay tribute to the winners of the World Championship: they realize for one them an exclusive appearance of the hero of their choice. These appearances will then be available for a limited time in the LOL shop and will be getable for any player. In 2020, it was the team of Damwon Gaming (DWG Kia) with Kennen, Nidalee, Twisted Fate, Jhin and Leona as chosen characters.

This year, it is the players flandre, jiejie, Scout, viper and meiko by Edward Gaming who have this honor. And it was at the end of last week that Riot Games has formalized the characters chosen by the players of the Chinese team. Their choices were made on graves, Viego, zoe, aphelios and yuumi with an appearance that can be seen below:

A world champion’s cat

And it is about the appearance of Yuumi that there is a funny anecdote. In her first wishes of hero, Meiko decided to choose Lulu before turning to Yuumi. If the story does not say why he has undertaken such a turn, we know that it was to his cat that he decided to pay tribute with this special appearance champion of the world.

Unfortunately, if Riot has confirmed the visuals about these appearances, no date on their deployment has been shared. Nevertheless, we can expect an exit around 12.9 with their next arrival on the PBE. An arrival that will be noticed, especially since it will be accompanied by the 160th fault champion of the invoker: the Jungler of the None Bel’veth.

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