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LOL: The worst skill designed by Riot who never came to League of Legends

Riot Broke their own Rules : The Worst Designed Champions in League of Legends
The phases of development for the new champions of League of Legends are the most interesting. During the tests to create a Riot Games skills kit experiments with a lot of alternatives and almost nothing is forbidden. In this way, throughout history we have been able to discover very fun spells that had to be canceled by breaking the game. However, that is not the only problem. There are times when developers can be less successful and create true aberrations that would make us uninstall the game instantaneously.

The worst skill you could get to League of Legends

Bardo is not the most popular champion of the game, but yes a pretty loved by the community. He considers himself one of the most difficult supporters to play due to the potential of his spells and in the definitive one a unique feature: he can apply the effect of own stabs of the Zhonya’s hourglass to any element of the invoker crack. Towers, allies, enemies and even neutral objectives can be achieved by the R (malleable destination). However, the initial version of the definitive one was going to be much worse. Not only was it much more boring to use, if not that his design of him was a real catastrophe that frustrated the players .

In addition to being an unteractive design, this skill gave us a new dose of the most hated control effect of the game. The skills with the ability to silence enemies have been reducing over the years and many players are very grateful. In fact, all the champions that have the ability to apply this effect were launched during the first two years . Since then, Riot Games has only respected this capacity in some ReWorks (Fiddlesticks, Soraka and Malzahar).

This ability was suspended after the League of Legends test team gave your opinion to the developer. The worst thing is that those weeks should be a hell for the department. In addition to this version of Bardo, it was being tested at EKKO . The Arcane champion had another of the worst skills of the game by then, which consisted of back the time of departure eight seconds Reviring the status of all the character and the coolings of their skills (minus the deaths). Fortunately, both changed their ultimate and became two very dear champions.