Original rhythm game Calpa Keseer Games,

The top-down 5 key keyboard original rhythm game ‘Kalpa’ ‘developer Kezera Games announced on the news that Keseer Gesses was released on Playl Expo 2022.

Keseer Games is a start-up developer in 2021 and found in 2021. The original rhythm game of the small top down method ‘Calpa (KALPA)’, has been recorded as a marketing without marketing. Awarded the award and have been recognized for both box office and workability.

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In March, Keseer Games, who celebrated ‘Calpa’ released its first anniversary, is steadily showing new songs based on the feedback of users. In particular, it is trying to differentiate the universe’s journey to the universe of the main character and the antimalist illustrations in the magnificent story and attractive illustrations. Keseer Games Haili said, “For a short period of time, Kalpa was able to attract them all over the world.”

Keseera Games has not yet been disclosed whether to proceed with the announcement of any content in the Play Expo. The new collaboration update news, or the development experience of ‘Calpa’, or the development experience and service know-how is the expected new news, and the expectation of rhythm game fans are gathered.