How to unlock a character

With the release of Update 0.5.1 for Vampire Survivors Luke Developer Galante, more known as Poncle, added many new features. There is one new complex stage of testing, new weapons, more arcanes and, most importantly, a new character.

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The new character is called O’Sola Mio, and he is a dog that throws flowers to flowers wherever they go. Here is how to unlock this new dog character:

How to unlock a new character from updating 0.5.1 in Vampire Survivors

Your first step towards unlocking a new character, O’Soul Mio, – unlock all the main stages of the game. Then you will need to enter the Gallo tower and kill a total of 3,000-shrimp-dragon enemies in all your races. To do this, you can use any character.

As soon as you achieve this milestone, you will get an achievement and can buy O’Sole Meeo on the character selection screen. If you have reached it earlier to the patch, just start any run and exit back to unlock the character.

Where to find a shrimp dragon in Vampire Survivors

The search for a dragon shrimp can be one of the most complex parts unlocking O’Sole Meeo. These enemies appear only in the Tower of Gallo. They look like rolled versions of bone dragons crossing the screen horizontally.

Their waves appear at 11:00, 20:00, and sometimes in the last few waves in front of the 30-minute sauna of the reapers. One passing of the Tower of Gallo should be enough to kill enough dragon shrimp.

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