Hero Shooter Battleborn will die in early 2021

Although Gearbox Software has borderlands 3 continues to prosper with his first DLC campaign arriving next month, his previous project, guerrier-né, is endangered.

2K games posted an update about the action / adventure game supported by the cooperative, explaining that he began to take the necessary measures to “extinguish” the title before the full closure of the title in January 2021. The company has already removed the game The Digital Showcases, but continued by explaining what players can expect.

“For the moment, you will not see any effect if you have a copy of the game,” said 2K. However, “after February 24, 2020, you will no longer be able to buy virtual currency (” Platinum “) to use it in the game.”

He also noted that the game servers would remain active during guerrier-né until January 2021. After that, “once the servers are disabled, guerrier-né will no longer be playable. This includes any type of mono-player component. “Guerrier-né will in no way be playable. “

Although this is not surprising, it is a shame to see a game as young as possible. Guerrier-né, who published in March 2016, component. The shooter had a lot of ambition, but unfortunately, he has no chance against Blizzard. Overwatch, who published the same month.

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Guerrier-né The players still have a little time to meet with their teams and go from the hard-won plate. Once this period is next year, however, guerrier-né The star will finally fade.