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TFT: Simpdemegumin and Altenahue manage to advance on the second day of the TFT World Cup

The Riot Games Selfoches World Cup began today, with LATAM representatives seeking to get the glory and pass the first phase the event in the top 16, playing in patch 12.7 where we know that the Sivir is a priority What to see if Nahuel “Q1g Altenahue” Salazar, Juan “Fantheqiqi” Cruz and “Cha Simpdemegumin” can reach the next phase of the event, a first day that shows the level of all regions.

A agitated day began for Latinos having to face the world representation of the best players of Teamfight Tactics seeking managed for several months making it clear that the goal game is established for this international event.

The Latin players in their respective lobbys sought to get the top within each one, being Fandeqiqi the first to suffer the ravages being in a top 4 within the six games he played on the first day arriving to get alone 22 points that would leave him out of the event.

In the case of Altenahue the Argentine player managed Classification, with complicated halls Alte managed to stay very goodly within the games to access the next day.

Finally Simpdemegumin would generate more expectations giving a game with a greater opportunity within the tournament because it would get two top 3 and a top 4 that would give it 27 points to stay in The skills for the next day in a rather epic way.

Two of the three Latin players were able to advance to the next phase of the World Cup , waiting for a different day for Simpdemegumin and for Altenahue , it is very noticed that both players come enough Prepared but luck and ability are factors that can affect the perfect lobby, with more action to come now it only remains if both players can reach the third day.