Epic Games: Grab 2 new free

You can currently snap two new free games for the PC at Epic Games. This week there are two bizarre game pearls who know how to convince with a lot of humor. As usual, they are only available free of charge for a short time.

Epic Games: 2 new free games available

This week there is two indie games in Epics online shop for PC players who rely entirely on curious humor: Just the Already and paradigm .

Just the Already is a crazy sandbox game from the studio that ** has already demonstrated his bizarre humor with Goat Simulator. In the new adventure, you slip into the role of a senior citizen who is thrown out of his retirement home and as a result of all kinds of destruction in his city.

Just look at the Already in the Epic Games Store

_ERSTESESTES Gameplay can be seen in the trailer: _

In Paradigm, on the other hand, you can experience an extremely surreal indie adventure. You play the mutant paradigm and accompanies him on his grotesque escape in front of a threatening group that wants to go to the leather.

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View paradigm in the Epic Games Store

_ Look at the trailer for paradigm: _

This free game will be available in the next week

From next Thursday, PC players can look forward to a new free game: Terraforming Mars .

In the sci-fi strategy game you have to make the red planet habitable ** and pay attention to your resources, change the atmosphere, build cities and develop and use complex technologies.

View terraforming Mars in the Epic Games Store

_ Look at the trailer for Terraforming Mars: _

You can download this new free game from May 5, 2022 for free . Then the offer changes again in the Epic Games Store.