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There was no chief science education in the new government president’s office. Ahn Cheol -soo, chairman of the President’s Acquisition Committee, suggested a new establishment to find future food.

President -elect Jang Je -won, president of the presidential office, announced the presidential office of the presidential office of the two -room senior system at the Tongui -dong Transition Committee’s press conference on the 1st..

“Who don’t know the importance of science and education,” he said.

The two-room chief system announced on the day is the composition of the president’s office, which is reduced compared to the current government’s three-to-8 chief system. It is believed that Yoon Seok -yeol’s will for the Blue House slimization is reflected.

As a result, Chairman Ahn Cheol -soo’s request for the establishment of a senior science education senior system was also unlimited.

Jang Je -won said, “There are educational secretaries and science secretaries.”

“I admit the necessity, but I hope you will see it at that dimension because it can be a little further and reduced as needed.”

Mr. Jang also said, “There is no demand for making an organization directly under each department or in the region.” The Yoon Seok -yeol government wants to build a more humble presidential office. ”

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He said, “We will play a role in coordinating and supporting the administration so that we can reform, create and enforce our own policies, and implement them.” I will consider it. ”