The Quarry, from the creators of Until Dawn, confirms up to 186 different finals

The British of Supermcinematographic experiencesive Games have specialized in bringing us cinematographic experiences mainly within the genre of terror, and that same direction will continue with The Quarry , their next game this time under the umbrella of 2k Games . The creators of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology have been characterized by offering us many different paths bcinematographic experiencesed on our decisions throughout the game, something that in their new title will lead to a new level, since The Quarry will have no less than 186 different endings.

“The story changes, not only the end, and we have worked in 186 different for these characters,” said Will Byles, director of the game, in an interview. “It is not only that they live or die, it is a complete variation of the things that could happen to them, so the stories are incredibly varied “.

In the same interview, Byles announces that there are two types of turns. On the one hand there are the changes of the way, which change drcinematographic experiencestically what is to come in history, while then there are others that simply shape the personality of the characters, or the appreciation of them the others. cinematographic experiences we have seen in other games, also from other studies such cinematographic experiences Telltale Games, a message on the screen will appear every time we do something that influences the opinion of another character can have.

The Quarry: How to Write a Story with 186 Different Endings - IGN First

The Quarry is already Gold

Meanwhile, from Supermcinematographic experiencesive Games they have announced on Twitter that The Quarry hcinematographic experiences already entered Gold phcinematographic experiencese, that is, it hcinematographic experiencespleted its development. With this, you will no longer have problems arriving on time for its planned relecinematographic experiencese date, which will be on June 10, and will reach PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.