Will there be art and creation of Hogwarts: Heritage launched along with the game?

The book “The Art and the Creation of the Hogwarts Heritage” was in the minds of many fans, because it could be a reference to the date of the release of the game. The book was written by Jody Revenson, who worked on other books on Harry Potter’s history and building the world, such as “Harry Potter’s paper crafts” and “fantastic creatures: the secrets of Dumbledore’s cinema magic”. It is believed that this book was found on the listing of Amazoni, this can show it exactly when the game will be released.

when will “art and the creation of Hogwarts’s heritage” come out?

“Hogwarts’s legacy” will be released during the holiday of 2022, and the release of this book is scheduled for December 6, 2022. Although there is no confirmation that this day is the date of the release of the game, it can be very close to this, and December 6 will definitely be a festive release.

Initially, it was planned to be released in September, but many raditors noticed that the date had changed. In any case, if the book comes out to the Hogwarts heritage, it can reveal many details about the game world that will help the fans prepare.

Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

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