The developer of Pokemon Go censors the name of Ho

Pokemon Go The developer Niantic has powerful censorship filters to prevent players from using inappropriate words in their Pokémon names. Naturally, they must be a little heavy; Pokémon Go has built its reputation on the family. Some Redditors have recently learned how strict these filters can be strict when they try to name their Ho-Oh Pokémon by its official name.

The user of Reddit SliceandDic3 shared a screenshot for / R / Thesilphroad showing how, when they tried to change their ho-oh in his default name, they received the message “This name contains an inappropriate text ». This message appears only during the manual entry of the name of the Pokémon; Erase the pseudo field and press OK automatically resets its name with the default species name.

This too zealous censorship also caused problems to a few other Pokémon, Lickitung and Lickilicky in particular, although users report that the filters have been modified to censor the word “licking”.

Banned/Censored Nicknames in Pokémon GO
In the comments, other Redditors were heard on the filters. Many were surprised that Niantic did not add Pokémon’s default names to their dictionary of acceptable terms. Others were confused that “Hoe-Oh” was not blocked, even if it is unlikely that players name their last take after a favorite gardening tool.

This phenomenon is often called the Scunthorpe problem, a reference to heavy obscenity filters that prevented English city residents from looking for local businesses on Google or registering for AOL accounts due to a certain word of Four letters that live in the name of the city.