Tree of Savior M, the 2nd CBT from May 31st

The second CBT news was released along with the development of the new MMORPG ‘Tree of Savior M’ by IMC Games (CEO Kim Hak -kyu).


IMC Games’ mobile MMORPG ‘Tree of Savior M’ previously conducted a private beta test for domestic users in December last year, and has completed a significant visual and game upgrade after the first test..

In addition, the test showed a unique graphic, cool blow, and a variety of classes that were well -received in the PC version of Tree of Savior. After the test schedule was terminated, the test server was operated in the form of a laboratory, and the participants collected improvements to disclose the developer’s notes and reflect them.

Representative Kim Hak -kyu said, “We went beyond the graphics of the PC version, which was originally the development goal of ‘Tree of Savior M’, and conducted a remastered work throughout the graphics and planning to meet the higher expectations of users. In the second close beta test, we expect to show the action of graphics and cool operation that is significantly higher than in the first test. ”

The CBT 2nd test will be held for 7 days from May 31 to June 6, and the application for participation is from today (May 6) to May 30th through the Naver Game Lounge or Test Participation Application page. It is possible. In addition, the number of people who participated in the first test will automatically be eligible to participate in this test without any application.

Preview on the development and upgraded contents of the development of ‘Tree of Savior M’ can be found on the official Naver game lounge and YouTube channel of ‘Tree of Savior M’.