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Goodbye Arthur and John! Red Dead 3 needs a new main character and Canada as a setting

John Marston and Arthur Morgan: The protagonists from Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 have grown really dear to my stories. They are among my favorite video game figures. Nevertheless, I think that after two weißen men it is time for a new perspective on the Wild West.

For Red Dead 3 I would therefore like an indigenous main character. A trip to northern Canada could provide even more variety. But these are not the only exciting options for the main character and a setting.

Info of terms: Why we write the adjective “black” big and “_ white” _ italics or what “person of color” means, for example, in the glossary for discrimination -sensitive language from Amnesty International. You can read the definition of “indigenous” at We do without the term “Indians”, even if (including according to there is no simple answer to whether the word is generally discriminatory.

Spoiler warning: This article contains strong story spoilers for RDR and RDR2.

A nation is looking for its identity

For me, there is an exciting metathema among the RDR series of RDR series: search for identity. In addition to the obvious problems, for example with hostile gang members, John and Arthur try to find out who they are, what kind of person they will be in the future and according to what principles they want to live.

This is especially true for RDR2, since John has already decided in RDR (which plays according to RDR2) to leave the life of a lawless behind. His past unintentionally catches up with him. The personal search for identity of the protagonists fits so well into a Western history because the country itself is still young. The completely different people who come together are about shaping it.

From the Wild West, a tamed country gradually becomes a tamed country. RDR2 constantly shows us how the new civilization collides with the old principle of self -determination. The van of the Linde gang, which belong to John and Arthur, clearly identifies with the latter. However, the gang disintegrates at the end of the game.

same question, a different perspective

I would find it exciting when the main character of RDR3 experiences similar conflicts – if she also wonders: Who am I and how do I want to design the world in which I live?

A character with indigenous roots would be predestined for this role. After all, the indigenous population of America were brutally alienated from their traditional lifestyle. This ensured this, the expulsion of the tribes from their traditional country, the relocation of people into reservations and the re -education of children in boarding schools – often with cruel methods.

A person who has experienced this uproot must necessarily redefine who wants to be and that would be an interesting alternative to Johns and Arthur’s perspective: the two have to choose between civilization and freedom, or lawlessness and righteousness, but are part the weißen majority society. Indigenous traditions don’t matter.

Charles Smith or a new character

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In fact, there is already a person with indigenous roots in RDR2 that I really appreciate. Charles Smith from the van The Linde gang is the son of an indigenous mother and a black father. He ended up with the lawless because the tribe of his mother drove out and she was kidnapped herself. His father then suffered from depression and alcoholism.

Charles is a quiet contemporary who initially notices little in the eccentric gait, but in the course of history he has blossomed into one of my favorite characters alongside Arthur, John and Sadie. He is smart, helpful and often the voice of reason. Nevertheless, it can be seen that he exposes his inner conflicts and has not yet found its place.

I would like to slip into the role of Charles to experience how his story continues according to RDR2. But a completely new figure would also have its charm. This would make Rockstar completely flexible and, for example, could continue to travel to the past to present us with another phase of the United States settlement-as long as it still offers wild West flair.

Canada as a new setting

Keyword USA: After we made a detour to Mexico in RDR, it would be exciting to expand the card north this time. Canada offers spectacular landscapes and a different historical background. For example, there would be the French-English conflict, rebellions and the influence of the powerful trade company Hudson’s Bay Company.

I would even find it conceivable to completely move the plot to Canada. The main character could then belong to the first nations, i.e. the indigenous peoples of this region. Alternatively, Charles Smith would offer himself as a protagonist. In the Epilog of Red Dead 2, this expresses the desire to emigrate exactly there and found a family.

Rockstar has many options

Of course, these are not the only characters and locations that could offer new perspectives. Rockstar could let us slip into the role of a person of Color with a different background – or in the role one of the many Chinese people who were recruited in the mid -19th century for the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad.

But it is also quite possible that Red Dead 3 not as far from the previous title as I suggest. The most obvious way would be to simply hand over to the next generation in a new decoupling and to continue telling Jack Marston’s story. After all, we play John’s son after his death in RDR.

Samara Summer

__@Also in the winter

Whether in books, series or films: Samara is a fan of the western setting. With RDR, she traveled to the Wild West for the first time in a video game. In addition to the historical flair, John Marston’s gripping story also caused enthusiasm. As for the new protagonist from RDR2, Arthur Morgan, Samara was initially skeptical. In fact, this grew even more to her in the course of his history than his predecessor. But the author also found some supporting characters so strong that she could imagine it as a new main character.

That would not be the most exciting option in my opinion, but at least we know Jack from childhood and he differs from John in character. Sadie Adler from the van Linde gang would also be a possible candidate for a new protagonist. In that case, we would play a woman for the first time in the franchise – and she is a strong character and has an equally strong background story. The murder of her husband hardened her and made her a loner.

With the abundance of options, we can be excited to see which Western history the next Red Dead will tell. According to RDR and RDR2, I am confident that a gripping story awaits us again, but I hope that Rockstar has courage to change that provide more variety.