Pokemon go allan raichu raid guide: beste konter & schwächen

During Pikachu the mascot may be the Pokemon Company, her alolan development could simply record the cake Pokémon Go . You will find that you will compete against the delightful but fatal Alolan Raichu in some of the latest three-star raids that come together with the latest update for Pokemon Go, the * Waterproof 2022. *

But what is that electrical type Pokemon does a waterproof, maybe you ask yourself? Well, it’s not just electrical, It is a water type , too! They bring twice as much fun, but also twice as much pain against certain types of Pokémon. You need our help to compete against this Pokémon. Let’s go into it directly!

Best Raid tactics for Alolan Raichu in Pokemon Go

How to Solo Alolan Raichu in Pokemon GO! Alolan Raichu Raid Boss Guide & Best Counters

As we mentioned above, you will be compared to double problems electrical/water type Pokémon. Not only are they fast and angry, but can also take a few hits before succumbing to your anger. Below you will find your strengths and weaknesses.

Alolan Raichu strengthen and weaken

strong against it – only 63 % damage suffered

  • Battle
  • Flying
  • Stole
  • Electrical
  • Clairvoyant

weak against – suffer 160 % damage

  • Floor
  • Insect
  • Spirit
  • Dark

Even if there may still be one in the “Strengths” category, there are many Pokémon that can bring down this radical rodent. Make sure you have a stacked team with some of the Pokémon we will list and you will be willing to take one home.

Pokémon Fast attack Invited attack
Kronleuchter Hexen Shadow ball
Gengar Licking Shadow ball
Tug desk Hexen Shadow ball
Darkrai Growl Shadow ball
Cursola Hexen Shadow ball
Demeteros (Therian Form) Sludge shot earthquake

Since ghost type Pokémon are quite strong in their merits, it is no surprise to see that they will be their main focus among the top counters for this type. Fortunately, since they are able to divide an enormous amount of punishments Shadowball , you can quickly harm Alolan Raichu. Make sure you bring as many as possible to this fight to do it quickly.

If you need more articles, get a Pokémon Go Plus, or a car catcher device can help you stock up with objects, Pokémon and more to ensure that you are completely ready to fight. Since you have to catch repeat Pokémon to get many of it in your hands sweets, You will need a lot Poké balls to do that, and these devices can help you get everything you need, and more!

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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