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Twitch star Amouranth buys again: Now she wants an airplane!

At full throttle, Twitch star Amouranth is preparing for her big event: On May 28, she wants to really let the “Streamer Royale” crack. As a producer and organizer, she has invited many well -known streamers, including Charlie “Moistcr1tikal” White Jr., Felix “XQC” Lengyel and Lily “Lily” Ki.

So far, Amouranth has not revealed what fans at the “Streamer Royale” event can actually look forward to. It should be a competition in which the invited streamers compete against each other – the term Battle Royale is already on behalf of the event. But so that the huge competition can take place at all, the various Twitch stars must first arrive at the scene.

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Amouranth Air: The Twitch star plays Stewardess

Of course, you could use the various travel options such as the train or the aircraft, but Amouranth has different plans: she wants to buy a private jet and pick up her guests personally. On Twitter, she announced that she bought an airplane especially for the “Streamer Royale” event and, as a stewardess, accompanies some of the streamers to the event scene.

There she also revealed that she is lovingly baptized the private jet “Amouranth Air” and quoted some lines of the song “Like a G6” by Far East Movement out of sheer anticipation. Buying your own aircraft for a single event seems somewhat excessive, but Amouranth should not have money worries thanks to her enormous income from ONLYFANS and Twitch .

In addition, she already made other extreme purchases in the past: the streamer invested two million dollars in Activision Blizzard shares, bought a pool toy company for seven million dollars and invested another seven-digit sum in a company that produces plastic balls. Based on these purchases, we can expect a similarly ambitious project at the “Streamer Royale” event.

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