Stranger Things: Numerous spoilers for season 4 land through a board game on the Internet

Spoiler For series, films and video games, have already made it into public in a wide variety of ways. Through Leaks of synchronous speakers and food suppliers, for example, by copies of solution books or the classic, through the game packaging folded off the truck. However, the fact that a board game sold too early reveals that has not yet occurred.

But there is always a first time and the star of this bizarre incident is the fourth season of the incredibly successful Mystery series Stranger Things . Current monopoly variants are in circulation from this, although the new season of the series has not yet started. The Internet is now full of dangerous spoilers.

STRANGER THINGS 4 - Spoilers Revealed in Monopoly Board Game

Stranger Things Season 4: Breakers are destroyed due to spoilers

Because of course there are not only all old and new characters in the board game for season 4 : on many maps of the monopoly version, extremely important story content can be seen, which of course only the Crew, the production members and maybe the manufacturers of the board game are still known.

If you want to believe the Reddit Threads, in which the pictures of the cards and the associated spoilers circulate, the debacle was not a malicious campaign in the game. The Stranger Things Monopoly is probably from”a nationally recognized dealer and was bought openly and honestly by a customer. Nobody stole it, nobody has leaked a copy.” _

Of course, this does not make the whole thing less unfortunate, because not only fans are sad about the mining field of social media, with which they are now confronted with the whole spoiler. The Duffer brothers , directors and producers of Stranger Things, should be destroyed in view of the board game disaster (via The Hollywood Reporter).

If you want to avoid spoilers, you will have to be particularly careful in the next few weeks: The first block of the fourth season will appear on May 27 , in a good week. The second half of episodes will only be seen on Netflix ** from July 1 – a very long time in which the now circulating spoilers need to be avoided. Until then, you can look at the latest trailer for Season 4 again or smile about the extreme production costs of the series.

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