From PlayStation to E-car: the chip

Various manufacturers have been struggling with restrictions for several years: devices from the game console to the smartphone are also affected as well as the washing machine in the household or the still young market for e-cars. The reason: chip deficiency. An expert now gives a little hope.

The global chip shortage, explained

Chip crisis: Experts expect relief in 2023

An end of the chip crisis will probably still be a long time coming, That is so much. Manufacturers of all sorts of industries are urgently waiting for more supplies to continue building their products or to raise limited production capacities again. All possible goods are affected from the electric car, the washing machine to the game console-and according to expert opinions for years.

Intel boss Pat Gelsinger has already moved his forecast that the replenishment normalizes in 2023 again. In the meantime, he believes that the current situation in which manufacturers have to fight for production capacities will be at least until 2024 . But there are votes against.

Alan Priestley, industry analyst from the IT market researcher Gartner, is one of them. He expects that overcapacity will be produced again in the coming year (source: dpa via time). That means: While car manufacturers such as VW and electronics groups a la Sony have to reduce production because there are not enough chips, they could already make 2023 in abundance.

Priestley assumes that the efforts of chippery success have been made: since the first difficulties has been massively invested in building new factories and larger manufacturing capacities. This would soon have an effect. But there is a catch: the expert expects the demand to continue to increase and the overproduction should therefore be consumed.

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more chips, less demand? The future remains unsafe

However, it is not said that it actually happens. Especially in the current situation-still burdened by the Corona pandemic and most recently through new political tensions and the idea of Russia to Ukraine-you have to enjoy Priestley’s analysis with caution. Consumers are no longer so relaxed, the money is no longer so relaxed, Saving is particularly popular with electronics. For the necessary purchases, it would still be desirable that the situation will soon relax.