The developers of MMO Dual Universe talked about Alien Core Units in the new video

A number of new opportunities appeared in the recently released ATHENA update in Dual University, including Alien Core Units, which will allow players to receive resources. NovaQuark released a new video showing how it all works.

Alien Core Units is a PVP-oriented game function that appeared in Dual Universe with Athena. Players can aggression or diplomacy receive the right to own these nuclei and the ability to obtain new materials of the fifth level and two types of fifth -level ore.

In the video, you can see a brawl in which shields are broken during the attack. Instead of simply immediately leaving the core vulnerable and quickly capture it, the built -in blocking system creates temporary invulnerability to enable protection to get together. If your base is attacked, and you do not have active defenders at this time, this may not turn into your favor, but if there are people who are ready for defense at the base, you will not be automatically destroyed when your shields fall. This gives players the opportunity to study and becomes better.

Alien Core Units [Dual Universe Gameplay Feature]

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