How do Dislyte PA action points work and what are they for?

During your fights in Dislyte, you may notice that espers increase or decrease PA, but don’t you know? In this guide, we give you some explanations so that this term ceases to be a mystery.

Whether in combat or your esper’s skill descriptions, you keep seeing the word AP but don’t know it is? In this Dislyte guide, we explain what AP (Action Points) are and give you some tips so you can use this stat efficiently.

What are PAs in Dislyte?
PA is short for the word Action Points in Dislyte. They are visible at the bottom of the screen when in combat and allow players to see when characters will attack. When an esper gains AP, its icon will move on the action bar.
Allies with their skills. The speed of the espers determines the Action Points, and you can increase it in two different ways: either through relics prioritizing the set bonus or the SPEED stat or thanks to an allied esper who comes to increase the AP of the espers. The esper with the most AP will be able to attack first, and once he has attacked, his AP will reset to 0, and he will have to wait his turn.

PvP players often prioritize stat because they want to be the first to attack to win the fight as fast as possible or apply debuffs/buffs before their opponent. On the other hand, Action Points can also go down! This is due to espers being able to slow down other espers.

AP is essential because if you get debuffs on your speed, it’s very likely that you won’t be able to attack for a while. So, feel free to put speed stats on some of your espers.

What relics increase the AP of espers?
Some relics can improve the action points of your espers; you have, for example, the Wind-Tracker set bonus that allows you to have +25% speed when you’ve completed the 4-piece set, then the Astral Sorcery set that will enable you to increase the speed of allied espers affected by neutralizations.

What espers increase allied AP?
The use of relics is ruled out here because it is only a matter of skills! Many espers can increase action points with their abilities. Here is the list of espers that can increase the speed of your allies:

What espers reduce enemy AP?
In addition to the existence of espers that can improve allies’ AP, some can reduce opponents’ AP. Here is the list of espers that can reduce enemies’ action points:

Who should have speed points?
Characters with abilities that buff or debuff opponents usually require extra speed (usually support espers or neutralizers). Other espers like Li Ling can have speed, but you’ll have to rely on the primary stat of your runes and not equip the Wind Tracer set.