Animal crossing: new horizons

Which Nintendo Switch Essential games need to play?

Every platform has its essential games considered classic and must-haves for various reasons – whether for relevance, timeless quality, or a strong fanbase. On Nintendo Switch, it wouldn’t be much different, and if you stop an intensity and ask which title to buy, he would probably already have a list in his head.

With that in mind, We have separated some of the most characteristic games on the Switch, which were developed specifically for the console and are widely known as the most classic.

In this list, we value clichés; an older user may not be surprised by any titles appearing here. In addition, as said, they are exclusive Nintendo games, which, unfortunately – for us mere mortals – have values ​​that go over budget. So we also selected ten amazing games that can be bought for less than 50 reais and the best free games for the console.

Without further ado, let’s go to the list of the five essential games to play on Nintendo Switch.

The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild

There’s nothing fairer than starting with The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild; even those new to the Nintendo Switch universe must have heard of BOTW. Released in 2017, the title lives up to its fame, being a landmark among open-world RPGs.
The game’s narrative and gameplay make your console experience unforgettable – especially in Deck mode. Personally, what hooked me in this Zelda were the scenarios and landscapes. I ended up wasting hours and hours just walking around inside the game.
Unfortunately, it’s a single-player game that doesn’t have localization in Portuguese, but it’s still a mandatory game.

Super Mario Odyssey™

Along with BOTW, Super Mario Odyssey has been with us since the early days of the Nintendo Switch and remains a timeless game. It’s hard to think of Nintendo and not see our favorite mustachioed plumber, and this particular title is very nostalgic for anyone who played Super Mario 64.
It can be played by up to two players and has interesting interactions and gameplay to play with Joy-Cons.
It wasn’t one of my favorite purchases, but it’s still a classic.

Animal Crossing™: New Horizons

Animal Crossing™: New Horizons is a must-play game, and there’s no denying that. It is a simulation game that allows people to bring people together in times of social isolation. The Animal Crossing boom was right at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.
Even today, in 2022, the game remains a favorite among internists. It’s complex to explain how a game where you command a deserted island is so complete, sensitive, and cozy, but it just is.
Playing in portable mode on the Switch is just as awesome as in Deck. The soundtrack is unforgettable, and the infinity of things to do within the game conquers you in such a way that you spend days trying to improve your island. The only metaverse I advocate is Animal Crossing.

Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. it’s simply Super Smash Bros.: they’re all of Nintendo’s most iconic characters together, and that’s reason enough to be considered an actual console game.
Some say Avengers: Endgame is the most ambitious crossover in the pop universe, but that’s probably because they’ve never had the pleasure of playing Super Smash Bros. Where else could you find Isabelle from Animal Crossing splashing water on a Squirtle?

Pokémon™ Legends: Arceus

Pokémon itself is already a firm name and the game franchise even more so. A few games are in the saga for the Nintendo Switch, including games that are yet to come out ( Pokémon Scarlet and Violet ), but Pokémon™ Legends: Arceus was chosen to enter here for a few reasons.
The RPG established itself as one of the essential games for the console after innovating the franchise. Arceus has brought a precious wave of new fans to the Pokémon universe, despite having suffered some criticism about its graphics.

Bônus: Kirby™ and the Forgotten Land

As a much-loved bonus, we have Kirby™ and the Forgotten Land; released on March 25, 2022, the title may even be considered too new to take on a classic title, but our adorable pink ball that can inhale certain enemies (Nintendo’s description) is nonetheless an iconic Nintendo character.
The game receives widespread praise for its Switch-worthy gameplay, nostalgia for the game, and guaranteed beauty and fun.
Among all the games that appeared here, one thing in common is that they all cost $299. These games appear as insignificant promotions periodically on Nintendo’s official store. But if you want a tip: have perseverance.
Another tip is to buy through Nuuvem, an official partner of Nintendo, and – in addition to giving the usual Gold Points – it has its cashback system (money back on purchases).