Vecna actor at Stranger Things reveals how it was possible to give him life

The fourth season of Stranger Things is already here, having a wave of quite interesting chapters that have left more questions than answers to the different fans. However, many have stayed with some doubts in relation to the villain on duty, Neighborhood, and may now be answered by the actor who gives him life.

First, it was revealed that the character of Jamie Campbell Bower was created with approximately 90 % effects with the help of a makeup artist, _Barrie Gower. That meant a long process of makeup and prostheses for Bower : about seven and a half hours, to be exact. That is added the 10 hours of filming the day he had to stay in the suit.

¡Spoilers forward!

In addition, he also talked about his character Henry, the human part of a neighbor Start season. And he assures that Henry could still have changed, but the hatred towards the protagonist makes him preserve feelings of hate that we see on the screen.

Here the description of him:

I think with Henry, there is still some humanity in him. You may be able to calm him down and convince him, but once she sends him to his death, so to speak, or at the time of change of him, I think humanity has g1. It is only total hatred, total resentment that already adds to that feeling that the world is a quite fucked place.

STRANGER THINGS 4 Spoilers - Vecna's Origins Explained

I think that, while she is the key for him to escape, a feeling of truth arises when she says: “Imagine what we could do together, we could really remodel the world.” It’s fun, when he was developing it, I thought: ‘Oh, he just wants to leave and have a really pleasant life without doing anything, being far from everyone with Eleven’. But I think, ultimately, he would want to conquer the world with her.

With this statement, it can be perceived that Bower not only prepared physically to play neighborhood, but also in a mental way, and that work is reflected in the chapters where he appears. For now, everything is uncertainty with the characters that will face the villain, but the conclusion will be revealed in just over a month.

Remember that Stranger Things Season four is already available on Netflix.

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