[Indie] Graduate, a crystal of malice that is no less than a jumping king

If a boy goes wrong, he goes to the juvenile house, and if a college student goes wrong, he goes to graduate school. If you ask where that comes from, the reporter will put down a game called Graduator in front of you. This game entered the university that I wanted after a difficult examination life, but from now on, it is a journey of a college student who learned that the real study was the beginning. His goal is to graduate safely. Just with the ‘electric wheel’.

The platformer game ‘Graduator’, which was made by collecting the work of ‘crap’ or non-standard language that appeared in this article (afterwards, prioritizes the introduction and interview answer notation of developers) It clearly shows a college life full of group tasks and exams. In addition, it adds the extract of the anger of the Jump King Ryu Concept and sprinkled it with the intended XX-like Operation spices. The reporter who first watched the game was doubtful that he would have to go to graduate school as a wrong that made a gratuer.

What is the intention of making this crystal of evil? Game Mecca listened to the story of the one-person developer, Lee Hae-yun (Blue Cheese), a representative of the one-person game studio.

Jump King + Heltaker + Rise + Experience of the Creator = Graduator

‘Graduator’ is the main point to go to graduation by riding an ‘electric wheel’ that does not even change direction in the air, as mentioned earlier. The developer sets the strange manipulation key from ‘Clop’ and ‘QWOP’ of the jar game producer ‘Benetfordi’, and sets the manipulation key with ‘ASDF’, and a delicate acceleration system divided into 1, 2 and 3 stages. I added. The developer’s intention is to create a completely new manipulation as the control is the core of the gameplay method in this kind of game.

The developer also added a story to prevent boring or exhausting situations and immerse in the game. The ‘Heltaker’, which was released in 2020, puts the game attractive in a normal puzzle game and saved the game. ‘Life’ melted.


Climbing the mountain without giving up hardship was the motif from RISE, which was the 2018 Rolled Cup opening song. RISE’s protagonist, Ambition Kang Chan-yong, got up and climbed at the peak of the developer, ‘I am now ruined, but you can get up again and live fiercely.’ Therefore, some scenes in the game cut scene contain homage to Rise, which was the driving force behind production. Even if the protagonist falls for the goal, he does not give up and climbs the mountain fiercely.

What kind of medicine did you make a game like this?

Lee Ha-yoon (Blue Cheese) developer of ‘Night Game Studio’ is a long-term leave of absence from Gest (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology). The reason for becoming a long-term leave of absence was the game. He has lived a boring life that has been studying and testing for the past 10 years, including his regret, and I don’t want to do this again, so I leave my grades, drink a lot of alcohol, and take that time. Poured it on.

Most of the characters in the game were made by observing people around the developer. Among them, the most projected character is the main character and Krem. The protagonist was urgently desperately trying to see the re-student days, and Krem entered college, and then left the test and credits and drank a lot of drinks in the room. The leaders and obstacles of the gratuator, which the developer calls Tongdao, recalled the cat’s King trap, and brought the expressions of the developer’s character they used long ago. The actual motif of a powerful middle boss, Sine Professor, which presents fire tests to players, is called Professor Dong-Hyuk Kim. The developer thanked Professor Kim for a chance.

In fact, Gradu is not the first development of the developer. In the last 2020, there was a past that had been in a semester for a four-month leave of absence to make a game with friends, but even failed to have a demo version. The laziness after the admission disappeared without the demonstration. I was embarrassed and pathetic that I could not actively refute the conflict with my friend who knew that I was not sincere. So I wanted to prove myself that development is not just a refuge.

The developer, who had failed once, was the most important thing in the project of ‘Gradu’ planning. Since the novice developer developed on a bad condition with little production cost, it was necessary to make the most simple game as possible to complete. In addition, I thought it was more important to gain a reputation as a developer than to make money through the game, so I thought of a game that would appeal to the game streamer even if there were fewer sales. The reason for adopting the genre of jumping platformer is here. The finished Graduator is an expression of respect to those who live fiercely, and the product of the developer’s will that he wants to do his best again.

Will he go to ‘graduate school’

In fact, the producer mentioned in the game introduction video, If the game is ruined, I have to go to graduate school. This is because the school where the producers attend is Gest, where more than 80% of graduates go to graduate school. However, for this developer who is concerned about career, graduate school is a stable but uninteresting option. So he made a game for a long time, and he hoped that he would be good.

I was very satisfied with the players who were angry with the pattern of the Graduator, the developer is continuously modifying the level design of the game. In the beginning, I was satisfied with the fall of the developer’s intentions, but I wanted a level that was moderately spicy and delicious. It will be lowered to common sense.

The developer said at the end of the interview, I would like to ask you a lot of interest in the indie industry. Honestly, the quality of the game is not guaranteed, so I don’t recommend it with confidence, but it’s often a popular game. In most cases, they are much less stressed than rolls and much cheaper than Gacha games.

For reference, if ‘Faker’ plays the Graduator, you will be able to be confident that you can be confident because you are a successful developer. I wish you.

+ As a side note, the developer said that he is in the current Gist bachelor’s dormitory. (The absolute reporter never threatened.) For those who want to hit the developer’s back, it may be a pity.